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XFG & XRG: Egy FWD hatch és egy RWD sportkupé kb. 125bhp/tonnával.


Rövidítés: XFG
Front engined, front wheel drive
Motor: 1.3 litre inline 4
Erő: 86 kW (115 bhp) @ 7031 rpm
Nyomaték: 130 Nm (96 lbft) @ 5438 rpm
Tömeg: 942 kg (2076 lbs)
Teljesítmény-tömeg: 91 W/kg (124 bhp/ton)
Tömeg-elosztás (F - elöl, R - hátul): 56.9 F 43.1 R
Üzemanyagtartály kapacitása: 45 ltr
Első felfüggesztés: MacPherson Strut
Hátsó felfüggesztés: Trailing Arm
An excellent car for beginners and experts alike, no other car in LFS is so universally driven as the XF GTi, from first-time-driver to seasoned league pro. It responds well to setup adjustments, and is a stable chassis that will teach a driver some invaluable lessons about pushing it to its limits, whilst retaining a degree of inherent stability and forgiving handling.

Beállítási tanács: Don't overlock the differential, although more power-locking helps put the power down since the XF GTi doesn't have a two-way adjustable differential, you will also kill off the oversteer that you'll need to put into the setup to make the car steerable with the throttle.



Rövidítés: XRG
Front engined, rear wheel drive
Motor: 1.8 litre inline 4
Erő: 104 kW (140 bhp) @ 5988 rpm
Nyomaték: 187 Nm (138 lbft) @ 4512 rpm
Tömeg: 1150 kg (2536 lbs)
Teljesítmény-tömeg: 91 W/kg (124 bhp/ton)
Tömeg-elosztás (F - elöl, R - hátul): 52.0 F 48.0 R
Üzemanyagtartály kapacitása: 65 ltr
Első felfüggesztés: MacPherson Strut
Hátsó felfüggesztés: MacPherson Strut
A perfect car for practicing the fine art of driving RWD on the limit. Plenty of power to keep even the most tail happy drivers amused, but not enough to brown your pants on every exit. A car that will pave the way to handling some of the more frightening motors out there in LFS. A good match for the XF GTi although slightly faster (in a straight line)!

Beállítási tanács: A fairly neutral setup is best for this car since it suffers very little from power oversteer. Play with differential locking so you can steer with the throttle to your liking.


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