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LX6, RAC & FZ5: Much like the TBO-class, but a bit faster. All cars are rear drive. The featured cars are very different in terms of horsepower and weight. All are in the range of 250-310bhp/ton. Some favour acceleration and handling while others top speed.


Rövidítés: LX6
Front engined, rear wheel drive
Motor: 1.8 litre inline 6
Erő: 142 kW (190 bhp) @ 8402 rpm
Nyomaték: 173 Nm (128 lbft) @ 7066 rpm
Tömeg: 539 kg (1188 lbs)
Teljesítmény-tömeg: 263 W/kg (358 bhp/ton)
Tömeg-elosztás (F - elöl, R - hátul): 48.0 F 52.0 R
Üzemanyagtartály kapacitása: 40 ltr
Első felfüggesztés: Double Wishbone
Hátsó felfüggesztés: Double Wishbone
Take the LX4, swap the engine for a 1.8 litre inline 6, and you have the LX6. So what's the big deal? It's a touch heavier, has a slightly more balanced weight distribution (due to the heavier lump up front) and, most importantly, more power. It's trickier to drive, so if you've not driven an LX style car before the LX4 is a better starting point. Since the LX8 has been canned, this is the fastest LX style car available in LFS at the moment.

Beállítási tanács: These cars need a fair amount of understeer in the springs to keep them controllable. Don't go silly with the spring rates though. Low tyre pressures are needed. Keep the diff as open as possible on the power side and reasonable well locked on the coast side. Some rear toe comes in very handy here.



Rövidítés: RAC
Mid engined, rear wheel drive
Motor: 2.0 litre turbocharged inline 4
Erő: 183 kW (245 bhp) @ 5906 rpm
Nyomaték: 360 Nm (266 lbft) @ 3500 rpm
Tömeg: 800 kg (1763 lbs)
Teljesítmény-tömeg: 228 W/kg (311 bhp/ton)
Tömeg-elosztás (F - elöl, R - hátul): 40.1 F 59.9 R
Üzemanyagtartály kapacitása: 42 ltr
Első felfüggesztés: Double Wishbone
Hátsó felfüggesztés: Double Wishbone
Really existing prototype of a sportscar from Finland powered by a mid-mounted turbocharged Saab engine. Hard to be driven on the limit. See the project's website.

Beállítási tanács: The lack of rear antiroll bar can make this awkward to setup. Don't put too much understeer into the springs or the car will push too much. No need to go silly with the front antiroll bar either, although a healthy amount is still recommended. Keep the suspension fairly soft too.



Rövidítés: FZ5
Rear engined, rear wheel drive
Motor: 3.6 litre flat 6
Erő: 269 kW (360 bhp) @ 7563 rpm
Nyomaték: 392 Nm (289 lbft) @ 5000 rpm
Tömeg: 1380 kg (3042 lbs)
Teljesítmény-tömeg: 195 W/kg (265 bhp/ton)
Tömeg-elosztás (F - elöl, R - hátul): 38.0 F 62.0 R
Üzemanyagtartály kapacitása: 90 ltr
Első felfüggesztés: MacPherson Strut
Hátsó felfüggesztés: Double Wishbone
This is the fastest road car available in LFS, favoring top speed over handling. Its high weight, high power and rearward weight distribution make for an challenging, yet entertaining drive. Go take it for a spin and make those tyres squeal.

Beállítási tanács: Doesn't actually need that much understeer. Heavy engine braking is the main issue, so most importantly have the differential very tight on the coast side to help with off throttle oversteer, and move the brake bias forward to help stability under braking. Also, along with BF1, FZ50 is the only other car with traction control.


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